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pcAmerica CRE Enterprise
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Increase your profits by computerizing your store. Cash Register Express is a cost effective way to keep your inventory costs down, reduce theft and make more money! Cash Register Express is the first Windows based POS system exclusively for retail and video stores. Its easy to use interface makes it a breeze to manage your store. Tracking sales and inventory, renting videos and equipment, creating membership accounts, look ups by category, and managing your store's books are just a few of the features of Cash Register Express! 

Some of the features/benefits of using Cash Register Express:

  • Process credit, debit and gift cards: With our integrated payments, the card based transactions can be processed in as little as 2-3 seconds
  • Fast and simple checkout: Items can be rung up by simply scanning the barcode on the product moving the check out lines faster then ever
  • Customize discounts and coupons: Set restrictions on redemption such as expiration date, time and day, product category etc.
  • Suspend and recall on hold transactions: This feature will let you temporarily suspend a transaction so you can help the next customer. You can easily recall the suspended transaction to continue ringing up the previous customer
  • Track and manage inventory: The robust built-in inventory module helps you track overall inventory movement and helps you understand your best and worst selling products in addition to all the inventory analysis you could do with the inventory reports
  • Attract More Customers into your Store: pcAmercia's retail POS system puts several tools in your hands to help you accomplish this including automated tracking of loyalty plans and tools to market directly to your customers.
  • Reduce or eliminate theft: System functions such as voids, no-sales and price changes can be assessed or restricted based on employee's login ID. The inventory tracking capabilities within Cash Register Express detail which products are selling, what needs to be reordered and identifies items that have been stolen or are otherwise missing.
  • Security: Cash control feature forces cash drops through out the day
  • Reduce Labor Cost: CRE has integrated time clock, labor scheduling and payroll functionalities to help reduce labor cost
  • Easy Reconciliation: Seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks accounting software
  • Single-Merchant (You can only setup one merchant number on each station) 


    EMV compliant working with First Data Nashville/TSYS Platform through Datacap and the Verifone VX805 PIN Pad


Sign up for pcAmerica's Web Portal Service. The pcAmerica Web Portal is an internet based system that allows users to run reports, change prices, create Purchase Orders, combine reports from multiple locations etc. from a web browser or any other computer with internet access. This is a perfect solution for retailers that need to easily monitor and manage their business from a remote location.


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