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pcAmerica Restaurant Pro express

pcAmerica Restaurant Pro expres
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Restaurant Pro Express(RPE) is a touch screen restaurant point of sale (POS) system from pcAmerica that provides fast operation, accurate order taking and detailed reports with an easy-to-use interface.


Benefits of Restaurant Pro Express:


  • Order Accuracy: Servers enter the order on a touch screen and have a chance to review it before sending it to the kitchen. Corrections can be made without going to the kitchen.
  • Easy Learn: Train your servers in as little as 60 seconds to place orders and close out checks. The colorful touch-screen interface walks servers through each transaction, helping them place each order quickly and accurately
  • Table Management: Integrated table Management allows you to view the status of every table in your restaurant from any terminal at all times
  • Customer Marketing: Restaurant Pro Express empowers restaurants to effectively market directly to existing and potential customers with its ability to send informational newsletters, coupons, sales and new product announcements
  • Track and manage inventory: With Restaurant Pro Express POS system¬ís integrated, robust inventory tracking module each item that gets sold will be automatically deducted from the restaurant¬ís inventory stock levels. Restaurant Pro Express will notify you so that you do not run out of stock
  • Manage recipes and ingredients: Enter a recipe for each menu item including yield percentages. Forecast ingredient usage and stock ingredients based on past sales- all within the inventory module
  • Manage Vendors: Maintain a list of vendors, inventory and ingredient pricing with the built-in purchase order system
  • Order Fulfillment and Kitchen Management:Orders can be printed on the kitchen printers or displayed on the kitchen monitor and can be configured to be routed to one or more food preparation centers like the grill, cold food, bar etc
  • Order fulfillment through a POS can eliminate the ability for the employees to give away freebies: The POS system introduces consistency and efficiency by ensuring servers choose forced modifiers such as meat temperatures (rare, medium rare etc) and side dishes at the time of order entry
  • Reduce Employee theft: Assign system permissions and restrictions to employees to ensure all money is accounted for
  • Reduce Labor costs: You can schedule hours, breaks and job code being worked. All employees can clock in and clock out as Integrated labor scheduler makes it easier to manage shifts and ensure sufficient but not excessive labor is on hand
  • Detailed Business reporting to help control expenses and improve profits: Extensive sales reports summarize overall cost, labor cost percentage, sales, profits and performance.
  • Single-Merchant (You can only setup one merchant number on each station) 


    EMV compliant working with First Data Nashville/TSYS Platform through Datacap and the Verifone VX805 PIN Pad

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