August 2023
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Introducing the next generation of Tablet Based Point of Sale. Smarter, faster, better.


"We know that running a business is not easy. The last thing you want to worry about is your Point of Sale and Accounting systems. That is why Revel, the #1 iPad Point of Sale Solution (POS), has teamed up with QuickBooks, the #1 Accounting Solution, to offer you top rated tools to run your entire business."

Revel can help you:

    • Handle sales, credit card processing, inventory management, customer tracking.
    • It’s always on to make a sale. Even when the internet is down.
    • Online access anytime, anywhere.
    • EMV Ready: Designed to provide you the latest payment technology.
    • Save time with auto payment reconciliation.
    • Sell more products in more places with integrating your Online Store.
    • Grow your business quickly with real time access to data syncing across multi stores.
    • Grow your business quickly with real time access to data syncing across multi stores.Exporting capabilities: Revel's backend reporting allow you to export reports in any popular file type, including CSV, XLS and JSON.

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Top Benefits of QuickBooks Integration:
    • Automatic data sync:
      You can set up your POS to automatically sync data into QuickBooks online accounts. No manual input is required–everything is synced automatically and ready for the export.
    • In-depth accounting:
      Keep track of your single location businesses’s financials and accounting down to the smallest detail. Leverage various reports to monitor and improve your business operations and spending.
    • Sales performance overview:
      Includes sales information, ensuring you will get an up to date and detailed account of your single location businesses’s sales and subsequent profits.
    • Real-time data:
      As with all Revel’s reporting capabilities, QuickBooks online reports are viewable in real-time from any Internet-ready device.

When you apply for a merchant account with the purchase of Revel POS Systems by August 31,2023 and are approved, we will give you the following:

  • Free setup, data conversion/migration, training or additional customization
  • Revel POS hardware will be 10-20% off if you commit to a 12-24-36 month contract at the current monthly billable rates

*Allow up to two weeks for delivery. May not be transferred or combined with any other discount or offer. While supplies last. Offer subject to change without notice.
How Revel helped with COVID-19?

  • NFC is very important during these times. Revel supports NFC through FreedomPay!
  • Online Ordering and Delivery integrations are available! There are quite a few Online Ordering integrations like Como and Lunchbox. As for delivery, Revel has Doordash, Checkmate, Postmates, and more!

    Why do you need a Point of Sale (POS)?

    Owning a business is not easy. Business owners rely on efficient tools to help run every aspect of their business, from finances to operations. These business tools can start from simple paper and pen to cash registers to tablet based Point of Sale (POS) systems. There is no stronger tool to manage a business from employee management to mobile ordering. click here to find out more.
    Why Revel??

    It has every tool you need to grow your business faster. Our advanced all-in-one solution is tailored to meet the needs of the following:

    Quick Service Restaurants:

    Accelerate speed of service, process orders faster and add as many modifiers to your menu item as needed.

    Table Service Restaurants & Bars:

    Hosts a suite of features customized to help your business reach its potential.


    Provides a fully customizable all-in-one solution to enhance the Retail shopping experience for your customers.

    Food Truck:
    A mobile solution for a mobile business built specifically for businesses on the go. Our all-in-one solution runs on 4G iPads and uses the power of bluetooth printers.

    In today’s modern age, everything is mobile, and that includes the cash register. Keep up with mobile trends–and the mobile consumer–by adopting a POS system that can meet all your needs.

    So what are you waiting for?

    Sign up for Merchant Account, Payment Gateway, Check, Business Funding, and Payroll services through our Online Application.




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