April 2023
QuickBooks Online
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Do you want to know why over 4 Million businesses use QuickBooks Online?

It's because Merchants can organize their finances all in one place with QuickBooks. It works across all their devices - Desktop, Laptop, and Mobile, they'll have the same information - all in one protected spot. Whether they are looking to save time or money we have a solution for them. Have them choose Intuit's most popular financial software - QuickBooks Online. Click here to learn more.


QuickBooks Online is more than just accounting software. QBO helps you track income, expenses, and stay ready for taxes !

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Below are just some of the reasons why QB Online is so popular: 

  • Incredibly easy to use and fast to implement
  • Scalable to support business growth with up to 25 simultaneous users and track hundreds of thousands of customers, vendors and inventory items
  • Capable of restricting user access to individual reports, bank accounts, lists and activities
  • Purchase Orders - Copy and link purchase order (PO) information to bills, checks, cash and credit card transactions
  • Class Tracking - Categorize income and expenses by department, type of business, or any category designation.
  • Time Tracking and 1099s - Grant employees or subcontractors limited access to QuickBooks Online accounts so they can enter the time they've spent on various projects.
  • Inventory Tracking - Automatically track and adjust inventory quantities on hand.
  • Field Service Management - Packed with features to help schedule, dispatch, invoice and more on a cloud-based system.
  • Budget & Planning - Create budgets to estimate future income and expenses to plan for "what if" scenarios.
  • QuickBooks Priority Circle provides a guided experience into your QBO Advanced subscription with unlimited access to a dedicated account team, on-demand QuickBooks training, and 24/7 premium support.
  • Reporting - Take advantage of up to 65 reports, including Profit & Loss, sales, and purchases by class and location detail.
  • Log on anywhere with an internet connection, anywhere you do business

New and Improved Features in QuickBooks Online:

  • Changes to estimates and invoices - Create professionally designed estimates and invoices.
  • Trips feature available to all admin types - This feature will be available to all admin types - primary and company.
  • Bill approval workflows in QuickBooks Online Advanced - This feature allows you to create conditions upon which bills do or do not need to be approved.
  • Custom role preview in QuickBooks Online Advanced - Available only in QuickBooks Advanced, role preview lets you see your custom roles from the perspective of the user before you assign them.
  • Desktop role migration in QuickBooks Online Advanced - Previously, admins were required to manually recreate each user and custom role during setup. Now, with automated migration, admins can make sure users have the right permissions and a faster, smoother transition to QuickBooks Online Advanced.
  • QuickBooks Online Payroll employee onboarding and flexible setup - QuickBooks Online Payroll now gives you increased flexibility with Employee self-onboarding Flexible self-paced setup.

Prefer Desktop for industry specialization? Compatible from almost any computer, QuickBooks Desktop helps to organize more than just your businesses finances. Whether it be tracking inventory, income or taxes to managing bills; desktop has it all!

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We are here to help migrate from or to QuickBooks Online or Desktop, call us for details.

Intuit QuickBooks Desktop sunset of 2020 versions

Did you know you can pay employees, pay taxes and file tax forms in just a few clicks from within QuickBooks®?

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QuickBooks Merchant Services is a merchant account and accounting program combined. It is the only solution that offers one merchant account for swiped, keyed in, internet and mobile transactions!

Free Merchant Account Analysis

Send us your previous months statement for free review/analysis by August 31st.

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Here are the benefits of purchasing through Commerce Technologies:

  • Same return policy, support, service, etc., you would receive direct from Intuit. However, we add a professional layer that you won't receive from an Intuit call center.
  • Although you can buy Intuit products from some retailers with no additional benefit, we are the highest level partner Intuit has, Premier Reseller; and the only channel they allow to sell QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions and Point Of Sale due to our extensive certification process.
  • We typically add free hours of consulting, installation, training and conversion on purchases you make from us.
  • We offer other integrated services such as Intuit Payroll and Payments. We give discounts on those and other products when you bundle multiple services with us.
  • We have expertise in the full suite of Intuit products and services helping you maximize efficiency through automation.
  • We know your business and have detailed notes and e-mail history so you won't have to start over with someone new each time you contact us.

    So what are you waiting for?

    Sign up for merchant accounts, payment gateways, Debit and payroll services that we offer through our Online Application.


    What's More? Through April 31st, 2023:

    • Get 50% off the first year if switching from QuickBooks Desktop to Quickbooks Online!
    • Get 50% off the first year if purchasing 2 or more QuickBooks Online subscriptions at the same time!
    • Get 30% off the first year if purchasing QuickBooks Online for the first time!



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