July 2023
Wireless Services
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Do you want to accept credit cards ON-THE-GO with Wireless Services?

All you need is a web-enabled device such as a cell phone, PDA, tablet, laptop, wireless or Wi-Fi terminal. Whether you are a merchant that provides delivery services to your customers or a merchant that needs the extra option to accept payments while on-site at a customer location, wireless services are a perfect fit.

Using wireless services can prove to be advantageous to every business. Listed below are some benefits: 

  • Flexibility to accept payments anywhere at anytime
  • Save time and eliminate high cost of handling cash and checks by completing the transaction on the spot without having to go back to the office and manually entering payments/transactions
  • Ability to manage multiple Merchant IDs
  • You may be eligible to receive lower swiped rates, if using a card reader
  • Run payments securely so customer data is always encrypted and never at risk
  • No paper clutter such as imprinter paper or paper with cardholder data to carry around
  • Integrate with QuickBooks, Sage, and other Accounting & ERP software, so you can download all transactions to their computer for easy reconciliation

What types of businesses do Mobile Payments work for?

If you do some of your business remotely or on-site, wireless services are for you. Below are some examples of merchants who are successfully using mobile payments in their day-to-day transactions: 

  • Artists / Craftpersons
  • Carpenters
  • Charitable Donations
  • Distributed Sales Forces
  • Electricians
  • Fundraisers
  • General contractors
  • HVAC / AC Sales & Service
  • Landscapers
  • Mobile vendors: trade shows, fairs, kiosks
  • Plumbers
  • Private Practices / Small Business
  • Roofing / Siding Contractors
  • Taxi / Limo / Airport Transportation
  • Mobile Food Vendors
  • Coffee, fast food and beverage Kiosks

What are the advantages of using Mobile Payments? 

  • No costly equipment needed
  • Receipts emailed to customer and merchant
  • Compatible with most Internet capable devices such as iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, tablet, Android, etc.
  • Add multiple phone lines and users to the same account
  • Ability to use Field Service Management if using QuickBooks
  • Store and forward capabilities
  • Tip and Tax functionality
  • Signature capture on compatible Apple Devices
  • Ability to add and manage inventory

New Mobile Card Readers

With a full array of smart phones available you can convert to a mobile merchant by accepting payments directly on your mobile devices. It works with most mobile devices via WiFi or on most cell phone carriers. You can either use a mobile card reader that integrates with your phone to automatically read card data or manually enter all the payment transaction details using your mobile devices keypad.


       Clover Go 3                SwipeSimple B250

What are the advantages of using CTC Mobile Payments over Square? 

  • Lower rates
  • A true merchant account, which gives you and your customers protection against credit card fraud and theft and provides you with advanced security.
  • Our card readers are more reliable and secure and are compatible with many more devices
  • Links with nearly all POS systems, Shopping Carts and other software for multi-channel sales.
  • Features like Account updater, Customer Information Manager, ACH, E-Commerce, advanced fraud detection, card holder authentication, Levels II and III processing and many other benefits.

Learn More About Mobile Payments for Business

Mobile technologies can provide incredible value, because they offer immediate business interactions from almost anywhere. Mobile payments can expand your sales channels by helping you meet customers where they are. Learn more here.


EMV for Restaurant Merchants

With the new Chip & PIN requirements the entire process in a full service restaurant must change. "Paying at the Table" or at check out is required, a seamless process for both waiters and customers alike. With Chip and Signature card the waiter won't use the integrated swipe on the POS workstation any more. Instead the waiter will dip or the customer can tap the card into the EMV device. At the heart of the interaction, the user experience remains largely unchanged from what takes place today. Note that EMV transactions can’t be adjusted for tips after the sale; tips must be entered during the sale.

Wireless Terminals

If mobile payments do not work for your merchant's business, then Wireless terminals may. Although these terminals require a separate wireless plan and have a larger equipment investment, they have the following additional benefits:

  • Ability to have a printed receipt
  • Capable of handling multiple services on the same device such as online (PIN) debit, check services, EBT, etc.
  • All transactions are run on a single terminal eliminating the need to set up each user on a different mobile device
  • Durable construction for high volume or rugged operation
  • We program, test and send the terminal to you so you don’t have to spend any time setting up or configuring
  • Both are EMV and NFC ready

Clover Flex 3

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Clover Mini 3 LTE

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PAX A920

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Laptop Computers

If you don’t want to purchase a terminal or use a mobile device, you can use a personal laptop. All you would need to do is log in to the virtual terminal website and start running transactions. You can also use a card reader to automatically enter all payment details.

Laptop + Card Reader

So what are you waiting for?

Sign up for Merchant Account, Payment Gateway, Check, Business Funding, and Payroll services through our Online Application.


What's More? Through July 31st, 2023:

  • You receive a free mobile card reader or up to 50% off a wireless terminal when you sign up and are funded before the end of the month for a new merchant account with service contract.



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