Laptop Payments

Wireless functionality is a growing need most businesses. With a laptop that can connect to the internet (through a wireless card or Wi-Fi network), you can now process transactions wherever you go. The perfect solution for kiosks, outdoor booths, traveling sales forces, or anywhere else you need to process transactions without wires. Credit cards are processed by using a virtual terminal (web-based transaction), accounting or POS software. Card Readers can also be used to lower discount rates on swiped transactions. Click here to see a list of card readers we carry.

Mobile PaymentsVirtual Terminals are web-based, meaning that all transactions are run by using a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc. that connects directly to the payment gateway's server. These transactions occur in real-time and are completely secure. Examples of some of our payment gateways that have the capability of running virtual terminal transactions with card readers are:

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