Easy-to-use payment solutions for small businesses. 

Simple enough to get you up and running in minutes. Powerful enough to save you time and money on day one.

Everything you need to accept payments wherever your business takes you. 
Take payments anywhere your business takes you. 
Now your business can accept credit cards without any special equipment. You can use SwipeSimple Payments on
any iOS or Android device, or any web browser. 

Accept credit cards on the devices you already own.  

Use your own phone, tablet, or computer to charge sales. Accept secure payments wherever and whenever your
customers want to buy. 
Now any iOS or Android device can be your point of sale system. 

Optimized for iPads and Android tablets so you can use the device you already have. 

Works with all modern iPhones and Android smart phones. 

Take credit card payments right in your web browser. 

Process transactions instantly, even when your customer isn't standing in front of you. Make future
transactions faster and easier by keeping customer card information on file. 
Run your business better everywhere you go. 
Every account includes access to SwipeSimple Dashboard, a suite of tools that save time, deliver useful insights, and
help boost your bottom line. 

Collect and edit customer contact info in one convenient place to streamline your  marketing and sales efforts. 
Track purchase history down to the customer level and discover new ways to promote and sell more. 
Instantly see which products and services are your best sellers and grow your business. 

  The simple way to take payments over the phone or bill customers remotely. 
SwipeSimple makes it easy to accept credit and debit card payments using your own computer. No special
equipment needed. 

  So easy to use, you already have everything you need. 

Use your own computer to take payments. Virtual Terminal is perfect for any business. 
Send digital receipts by email or text. Or print receipts right from your computer. 
Bill your customers automatically. Schedule weekly, monthly, or yearly payments.

Process transactions instantly, even when your customer isn't standing in front of you. 
Effortlessly track all of your transactions: credit cards, debit cards, and cash. 
Make future transactions faster by keeping customer card information on file. 

Send invoices in seconds. Get paid faster. 
Send invoices and collect payments easier than ever with SwipeSimple. 

Don't waste another day mailing statements and waiting on checks. 

Send your invoices with automatically generated secure payment forms so they can click and pay immediately. 
Instantly send invoices via email or SMS text message 
Track invoices and payments in real time for better control over your cash flow. 

  Get paid anywhere you can paste a link.
Plus, SwipeSimple Payment Links comes with features to manage your business and incoming
payment activity. 

 Get notified every time you make a sale. SwipeSimple notifications help you stay on top of your sales
with real-time updates. 
Stay on top of your inventory. SwipeSimple can alert you if your inventory ever gets low, so you never
run out of stock.
They're customizable. Specify the name of your product or service, add an email field, shipping address
prompt, and more. 

PAX A920                                    PAX A80

SwipeSimple Register Software Package 

The register solution powerful enough to handle all your needs, yet flexible enough to grow with you. 

  Item Modifiers 

Make order modifications quick and automatic to save time and ring up customized orders faster. 
Automatically adjust item prices based on every modification. No mental math required. 

  Item-level tax rates 

Eliminate the guesswork and automatically calculate tax rates for different jurisdictions. 
Effortlessly ring up taxable and nontaxable items in the same transaction. 

  USB peripherals 

Customize your register with high-capacity receipt printers, different size cash drawers, or other hardware. 
Connect peripherals quickly and easily via USB. 
Expandable plug-and-play functionality lets you add more peripherals whenever you need them. 

  SwipeSimple Register 8 

Everything you need in a register. Plus the power and simplicity of SwipeSimple. That's the SwipeSimple Register
Software Package on PAX Aries 8.