Fraud Reduction

What Is E-commerce Fraud?

eCommerce fraud is an illegal transaction performed on an eCommerce platform by a criminal or fraudster by using stolen payment information for online transactions without the account owner’s knowledge. It is also known as purchase fraud. It can be done by using a false identity, stolen credit card, fake cards, and details, false personal and card information, etc.

Fraud prevention is a top priority for business owners. Advanced fraud techniques and rapid growth in fraudulent credit card activity, especially in ecommerce, make adherence to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) strictly enforced for businesses that accept electronic payments. There are many simple safeguards you can implement at your business to reduce your risk of fraud.

We protect against chargeback fraud which is also known as friendly fraud. In this type of fraud, the customer keeps the goods/products purchased online from the eCommerce shop but still asks for a refund stating purchase never made or payment being made twice or item was never received.

Having a clear refund, reshipping, tracked shipping, and return policies for the e-store may help to reduce this ‘friendly’ fraud.

3-D Secure:

3-D Secure helps to minimize costly fraudulent transactions by adding an extra layer of protection to the payment process. The solution enables issuers to authenticate the cardholder using various available methods—from a one-time password to biometrics. Successful authentication helps confirm that the transaction comes from a real cardholder. This makes it more likely that the transaction will be authorized.

Our solution can silently authenticate most transactions by verifying customer data with the card issuer. For high-risk transactions, customers will be asked for additional authentication.


How 3DS Works



Kount Command delivers accurate identity trust decisions in milliseconds. Automatically approve, decline, or hold transactions, and customize business policies to refine fraud prevention strategies. Kount's Dispute and Chargeback Management solution helps businesses manage dispute inquiries and chargeback alerts.