Gift / Loyalty Services


In today’s competitive retail environment, the battle to retain customers is fierce. What better way to create new and consistent customers with your very own Gift and Loyalty Cards. Choose from our easy, manageable, and wide selection of Gift Card and Loyalty Programs and see how these customer centered programs will make your business grow. By building brand awareness, you company will give customers a way to remember and comeback to your business.

Gift Cards: Give customers the chance to load up a gift card to use in the future or to gift to family or friends. Giving the opportunity to drive new customers your way. These cards can easily be swiped through traditional credit card terminals, POS systems, Virtual Terminal or website and payments are collected by the merchant at the time of sale.

Loyalty Cards and Programs: Attract customers with deals and rewards to create traffic to your company. Customers spending patterns can be tracked and special targeted offers can be sent directly from the merchant. Be able to receive and use this information to help increase and benefit your business traction and understanding of your target market group.

Shop Local Program: Create a community with other businesses to help one another through a gift card program that can be used universal between merchants. Giving a business more exposure through other merchant referrals. That can later bring in loyal customers in the future.

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