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Contactless Payment with Clover Station Pro Bundle

Posted by Patrick Zydziak on

(Clover System Pro)

Has your business have been trying to make payment transactions safer during these difficult times? Luckily, there is something called Near-Field Communication (NFC) Technology or Contactless Payments. 

Physical distancing has been one of the key factors to safeguarding ourselves from COVID-19. With the Clover Station Pro Bundle, a restaurant or service can sell their goods while maintaining a physical distance with Contactless Payment. The customer just simply taps their cellphone device or card (if the card brand allows Contactless Payment) onto the NFC Reader located on the Customer Facing Screen and the transaction is complete in a matter of seconds without any touching or contact from the employee or POS System. Normally, a signature is needed for these type of transactions, but the Clover Station allows a No Signature Program to have a full contactless process.

You can take Contactless Payments with the Register and Sale apps. Accepted forms of Contactless Payments include:

  • Contactless credit and debit cards from all major card brands
  • Apple Pay®
  • Android Pay®
  • Samsung Pay®

To take Contactless Payments on a Clover Station, you need the Customer Facing Screen which comes with our Bundle! 

This point-of-sale system helps you run the full house, front to back.

Station comes preloaded with full functionality: build inventory, take orders and payments, manage staff, and run reports.

Comes with a cash drawer and receipt printer. Compatible with handheld Flex, kitchen printer, barcode scanner and other accessories that make running your business faster


Station also lets you accept more types of payments with less hassle, including chip cards, pre-authorizations, and more.

Swipe (magstripe)

Chip cards (EMV)

Contactless (NFC)

Gift cards





Built for speed and reliability inside and out. Station was designed to be the customer-friendly point of sale that is ready to go right out of the box. Every Station includes a receipt printer at no extra charge.

Full specifications:

  • High-definition 14" merchant-facing touch screen
  • 7” customer facing touch screen
  • Wi-Fi, 4G/LTE, and ethernet
  • Fingerprint login and NFC employee cards
  • Dual 5MP cameras with Zebra scanning software
  • High-speed receipt printer
  • Fully PCI PTS compliant

You can get yours now on our website for as low as $1,566.00!

CALL US AT (800) 477-5363 to make your purchase today!


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