​Merchant Accounts with CommerceTechnologies

Posted by Elmer Saenz & Patrick Zydziak on 1st Apr 2021

A Merchant Account is a service that’s required for any business to accept credit or debit cards from their customers. With this service credit card transactions are sent electronically to merchant pr … read more

Do you want to sell your products 24/7?

Posted by Elmer Saenz & Patrick Zydziak on 24th Feb 2021

What are Payment Gateways?Payment gateways are web-based software that allow you to process real-time payments securely on the internet 24 hours a day - be it using virtual terminals, shopping ca … read more

Contactless Payment with Clover Station Pro Bundle

Posted by Patrick Zydziak on 18th May 2020

(Clover System Pro)Has your business have been trying to make payment transactions safer during these difficult times? Luckily, there is something called Near-Field Communication (NFC) Technology or C … read more