The all‑in‑one system to help your business thrive 

Accepting any type of payments is a snap—from in-person swipe, chip, and tap, to
online payments. 

Whether you sell coffee or memberships, all purchases are more secure and

Offer the best possible customer experience while building loyalty at your place of
business and online. 

Manage your business and make a sale from anywhere with our dashboard, mobile
app, and virtual terminal. 

Here are the built in POS software features based on business type: 

  Payment Plus Register Lite Register Counter Service Restaurants Table Service Restaurants Clover For Healthcare
Supported Device Flex,Mini Flex, Mini Flex, Mini, Station Flex, Mini, Station Flex, Mini, Station Flex, Mini
Accepts all credit & debit card
Take payments with Virtual Terminal
Build eCommerce integrations with BigCommerce and Ecwid  
Access to developer tools for custom integrations
Take payments with Clover Go Card Reader
Notes on invoices  
Bill-splitting options          
Tableside payment          
Scan to Pay (QR code on bill)          
Order management
Create, save, pay, refund items on orders    
Item level tax calculations    
Discount individual items or orders    
Order numbers - Automatic order numbers for easy tracking    
Notes on orders -Custom notes about customers, special requests, etc.    
Weight scale support / integration with orders      
Open tabs - Open bar tabs with or without pre-auth'd cards      
Online ordering      
Order types - Define order types, for example: takeout, delivery        
Remote order printing - Print order receipts to kitchen/bar printers        
Table mapping - Arrange tables and floorplans          
Tableside ordering and firin          
Sales / payments reporting
Track sales by employee
Product mix reporting - Sales by items, categories, modifiers, etc.    
Tax reporting    
Revenue class reporting - For example: sales by wine, liquor, beer    
Item cost reporting      
Sales by order type reporting        
Future restaurant reporting        
Inventory management
Simple items - Menu and inventory items    
Item categories - Group items into categories    
Stock tracking - Track stock of items    
Cost tracking – Define/track cost of menu/inventory items      
Item variants - Define item attributes to create item variants          
Item exchange - Exchange sold items of the same price for a different item          
Item modifiers - Menu item modifiers to customize preparation        
Item labels - For order fire routing in restaurants        
Menu managements        
Customer engagement
Promos - Engage and retain customers with promotional offers  
Rewards - Create a simple, customized loyalty program  
Feedback - Collect feedback from your customers  
Customers - Create your customer database  
Gift cards - Physical and digital cards  
Employee management
Shifts - Employee clock in/out
Employees - Create roles, employees, and set permissions
Payroll integration (3rd party apps such as Homebase, Gusto)
Business operations
Clover Dashboard (web and mobile)
Access to Clover App Market (may be limited for some plans)
Clover Rapid Deposit - Transfer funds in minutes
Clover Capital - Working capital
24/7/365 support



All Clover hardware comes with an Android operating system which includes the largest POS app marketplace. They include integrations with some of the most-well known business tools and apps such as QuickBooks and many others that will cater to your business management, accounting, payroll and payments needs.  

Accepting credit and debit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay has never been easier. In an age where the preferred method of paying is contactless, Clover has the answers for most businesses no matter how big or small they are.  Check out all Clover hardware below: