About Us

About Commerce Technologies

Since 1999, Commerce Technologies Corporation has specialized in helping businesses of all sizes become gain efficiencies with payment solutions that integrate sales through multiple channels such as accounting software, point of sale, mobile, and e-commerce platforms together as one.  

With the best combination of technology and highly skilled people, we offer solutions that make accepting non-cash payment and running businesses easy. Our payment solutions provide customized, low cost and completely transparent services to our merchants.  

Our services are designed to serve small, medium, and enterprise level businesses with the goal of tailoring solutions specific to each merchant. We help our merchants become and remain compliant with the highest level of security available through PCI, EMV, Tokanization, encryption and other compliance standards.  We place significant emphasis on the ongoing management of our relationship with our merchants. We stand behind our service. And as anyone knows, a company’s service is only as strong as the people behind it. One of the core founding principles of our company is to provide an un-paralleled level of education to the companies we support.

Our specialization and experience in key merchant industries allows us to work one-on-one with our customers. It is this direct relationship that allows us to thoroughly understand our customer's needs and implement solutions that work.

We provide innovative and cutting-edge solutions to our customers, helping reduce processing costs, streamline operations, and increase sales by providing a broad spectrum of products and services. Our integrated systems allow our knowledgeable staff to provide our customers with excellent customer support and consistent follow up with speed and accuracy.