Cash Discounting and Surcharging

A cash discount occurs when a merchant decreases the price for cash purchases and offers merchants an alternative to credit card processing. Cash discount programs are not credit card surcharges because they do not levy a fee that is added to a credit card transaction. Both of our processors TSYS and Fiserv allow cash discounting and surcharing. 

Cash Discounting Option!
  • Optional ability to markup all inventory pricing by 4%
  • Can encourage customers to pay with cash (or debit, check) instead of credit to gain goodwill, but will not decrease revenue
  • See a much lower month-end due balance with daily discount enabled
  • Answer your merchants calls for cash discounting
  • Merchants must clearly and conspicuously disclose the discount to consumers.
  • and so much more!

Surcharging option!

  • A way for merchants to charge fees up to 3% to customers who pay with credit cards
  • The merchant must be registered with the processor and Mastercard
  • Merchants do not have to mark up their pricing
  • Post surcharge disclosure signage at both the point of entry and at the point of sale