Gift/Loyalty Cards

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Gift/Loyalty Cards
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Commerce Technologies offers Gift and Loyalty cards that are made of high quality PVC plastic that has a magnetic stripe on the back. Gift card is a reusable, stored-value card that enables merchants to have an electronic alternative to paper gift certificates. The cards can be used by customers themselves or gifted to family and friends.

Loyalty or Rewards card can be used to accumulate points, dollars or rewards in the merchant's store or business. The card can track visits, products purchased or total dollars spent. The merchant can predetermine the levels of rewards or points on the program.

We have a wide selection of choices and package sizes. Merchants can choose from Ready Made PredDesigned Packages, Logo Design Packages, Custom Design Packages, or order A la Carte. Click here on Gift & Loyalty card packages to view detail package information.

We are offering a Custom or PreDesigned 100 card Package for free when you apply for new merchant account with service contract by the end of this month.

Sign up for merchant accounts, payment gateways, gift/loyalty cards, merchant cash advance/ loan, check, EBT, Debit and payroll services that we offer through our Online Merchant Application.
Gift and Loyalty Cards can be used for all kinds of businesses: restaurants, retail and department stores, services (salons, spas, medical - any service imaginable), business to business, and gift cards can also be used for internet and online purchases, and mail order/telephone order purchases. The possibilities are limitless.

Merchant Benefits
¥ Promotes Customer Loyalty - Drive repeat business by rewarding customers.
¥ Replace Paper Gift Certificates - Eliminate fraud & certificate tracking issues.
¥ Increase Business Traffic - Increase sales during off peak business hours.
¥ Powerful Promotional Tool - Attract new clients using exciting promotions.
¥ Increased Consumer Spending - Cards boost impulse purchases.
¥ Breakage - 10-15% of a card value typically remains unredeemed