Paya Gateway

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Paya Gateway
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Retail Internet/MOTO Secure Payment Gateway and Virtual Terminal

Compatible with Paya Exchange.

Key Features


This includes all the standard features you’d expect to find, among them a secure customer database and an automatic Account Updater. Paya Gateway is compatible with numerous popular online shopping carts
Recurring billing
This allows a merchant to set up recurring transactions that run automatically on a regular basis.

Virtual Terminal

Paya Gateway offers the Paya Virtual Terminal, a proprietary virtual terminal that allows you to turn your computer into a credit card terminal. Transactions can be entered manually or through the use of a USB-connected card reader.


This payment gateway is a robust integrated payments platform that provides support for credit/debit card and echeck (ACH) payments.


Must use Paya Exchange. Easy to deliver custom digital invoices to any customer with an email address. Digital invoices provide your customers with a simple, no-hassle way to pay from their computer or mobile device.

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