Paya Exchange

Paya/Sage Exchange

Paya/Sage Exchange is a portal that enables you to manage your entire payments ecosystem from one central location. It will change the way you look at and manage payments within your organization. From real-time updates of your payment activity to connecting payment devices to your accounting software, never manually reconcile a payment again!

When you couple Paya/Sage Payments with an Accounting software, all the payments you receive, automatically post and reconcile back to your Accounting systems. Paya/Sage payments provides comprehensive business solutions that include credit and debit card processing, mobile solutions, Virtual Check (ACH), Check21 processing, gift and loyalty programs, internet shopping cart and much more. Therefore, Paya Exchange will become your go to place for managing all payment activities within your business.

Organizations that benefit from Paya Exchange include:

  • Businesses that have multiple physical locations where they accept card payments
  • Businesses that process payment real time on website
  • Businesses that have the need to take mobile payments - if payment is optimally taken at the customers location, not the merchant location
  • Businesses that need to take payments in trade fares etc
  • Businesses that don't like to manually enter card payment data into their accounting system

 Paya Exchange Offers all the below Features under a secure PCI Compliant Platform

  • Real time updates of your consolidated payment activity across your entire organization
  • IT free and 1-2-3 connection of any payment device to your Sage accounting software for automatic reconciliation
  • Unprecedented accuracy of payment reconciliation due to payments automation
  • More to offer from a Mobile solution with real time invoice presentment and payment on the go
  • Real time communication from a central location to your Point of sale devices for both coupon generation and store messaging
  • Centralized user administration and reporting
  • Web based and optimized for both PCs and tablets

Please view this informational video.