October 2024
QuickBooks Desktop
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Introducing Intuit Quickbooks Desktop 2024

Our NEWEST financial software for QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions.


QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions delivers the power and flexibility to help increase the efficiency and productivity of your business

Below are just some of the reasons why QB Desktop Enterprise is so popular: 

  • Easy to use and fast to implement.
  • Scalable to support business growth with up to 40 simultaneous users and track hundreds of thousands of customers, vendors and inventory items.
  • Capable of restricting user access to individual reports, bank accounts, lists and activities.
  • Designed with advanced accounting functionality with enhanced reporting for better control over your business.
  • Hassle-free with the full service plan which includes technical support and upgrades at no extra cost.
  • Packed with features which go beyond financial management to include field service and warehouse management solutions.
  • Add on features like advanced inventory help businesses to track specific inventory items down to the bin location level within one or more warehouses and to see quantities and serial or lot numbers for each bin.
  • Keep your growing data history with six times the capacity of QuickBooks Pro and Premier.
  • Get the flexibility of working in multiple company files at the same time.
  • QuickBooks Priority Circle provides a guided experience into your QuickBooks Enterprise with unlimited access to a dedicated account team, on-demand QuickBooks training, and 24/7 premium support.
  • Choose who can see and do what by setting custom permissions.
  • Log on anywhere with an internet connection, anywhere you do business.
  • Combine reports from multiple company files and view in excel.

New and Improved Features in QuickBooks 2024:

  • Easily record and track customer prepayments and deposits on sales orders.
  • Save time organizing categories with easier search and bulk edit functions. Copy and paste from Microsoft Excel. Set granular pricing rules by item categories to boost your bottom line.
  • Use enhanced search to quickly find specific items within a large list of memorized transactions, fixed assets, or payroll items.
  • Install product updates in the background without interrupting your work. Get access to all the latest Enterprise security enhancements.
  • Learn when product updates are available as well as whats in them so you can decide when to install.
  •  Get a clearer view of your inventory, stay on top of sales, and control inventory costs using reports with hierarchical view of categories.
  • Maintain optimal levels of inventory with a report that includes component quantity used on assemblies and pending builds.
  • Effectively track inventory lots of products developed in the same batch.
  • Protect sensitive financial information and critical customer data with industry-leading AES 256-bit encryption.
  • Extend the same top-of-the-line encryption of your business data from your desktop to the cloud when you use online backup or cloud hosting.

Did you know that QuickBooks Desktop can integrate with all these apps?


Find out if your current online store can integrate with QuickBooks Desktop here.


Did you know your merchants can pay employees, pay taxes and file tax forms in just a few clicks from within QuickBooks??

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QuickBooks Merchant Services is a merchant account and accounting program combined. It is the only solution that offers one merchant account for swiped, keyed in, internet and mobile transactions!

Click here to learn more about payments integration with your accounting software.


So what are you waiting for?

Have your merchants sign up for Merchant Account, Payment Gateway, Check, Business Funding, and Payroll services through our Online Application.


What's More? Through October 31st, 2023:

  • QuickBooks Enterprise will be discounted in perpetuity for 1-10 Users at 20% off and 11-40 Users at 12.5%.
  • Is QuickBooks Enterprise too much for your business? Sign up for QuickBooks Online and get 30% off your first year. If you convert from QuickBooks Desktop or purchase more than 1 subscription, then you get 50% off your first year.



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