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What are Payment Gateways?

Web-based software that allow you to process real-time payments securely on the internet 24 hours a day.

What's more...

You can process transactions through your payment gateway as a POS directly as follows:

  • Virtual Terminals – With virtual terminals you can take payments by simply logging into a website on any browser and running the transaction.
  • Mobile Payments – With a full array of smart phones and tablets available, you can convert to a mobile merchant by accepting payments directly on your mobile device.
  • Laptops – Turn your laptop into a POS where ever you go.

Although Payment Gateways were initially built for e-businesses or internet merchants, payment gateways are now catering to needs of retail, mobile, mail order and telephone order merchants as well. Below are some common usage scenarios for payment gateway integrations:

  • Accounting and ERP - Weather QuickBooks, Sage or other, they allow taking payments within, invoicing or other from your software.
  • Customer Relationship Management – Sales, customer service, accounting, etc. can take payment while talking with customers within their CRM.
  • Field Service Management – HVAC, Plumbing and other service companies can take payment in the field for work completed.
  • Hospitality – Weather hotels and lodging or car rentals, they can take payment in advance or at the point of sale for reservations.
  • Shopping Carts Probably the most commonly used method, configure your shopping cart with your payment gateway information to allow customers to make payments directly on your website.
  • Other – most open source software will have the ability to integrate our gateways.

Or through:

  • Custom Integration – This method allows web developers or company’s IT teams to assist with the integration of the payment gateway into their own website or custom developed payment application using our API’s.

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Fighting Online Fraud:

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