Are you having trouble processing payroll?

Posted by Saad Rehman on 30th Jan 2023

With the tax season right around the corner, as employers we want to make sure our employees get paid the correct amount and on time. We want to make sure that all tax forms are accurate and up to date. Paying our taxes on time is important to owning a business and keeping our employment record clean.

QuickBooks Payroll Solutions make it all easy for you. Here at Commerce Technologies, our integrated payroll services will reduce the time an employer spends on payroll processing by up to 60%. That’s a good chunk of time to save as an employer! While some may think to spend the newly earned time calculating wages, vacation, and sick hours, they don’t have to. Our payroll solutions take care of that for all employers, which gives them time to fulfill other important tasks.

With QuickBooks Payroll, you can:

  • Create unlimited paychecks instantly.
  • Calculate payroll taxes automatically.
  • Avoid tax penalties guaranteed.
  • Integrate with QuickBooks Financial and Point of Sale.

And as an employer, you can:

  • Get help growing your business with our FREE hiring guide and access to valuable business advice.
  • Improve your cash flow with our workers' compensation payment service. Pay only what you owe, as you go.
  • Keep current with mandatory Federal and State labor law posters - it's easy with our FREE updates.

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QuickBooks Time

Time tracking has never been easier. With this feature you can track every second that is worked by an employee, save up to 2 hours on every payroll run to reduce payroll costs, and be at ease knowing which employees are working and what jobs they are doing at all times.

Some notable features:

Mobile timesheets

The simple QuickBooks Time app makes clocking in and out from your Android and iPhone devices a breeze. Review, edit, and approve hours wherever you are.

GPS location tracking

View iPhone timesheets complete with employee location data. See who’s working and where and coordinate your teams with precision.


Create beautiful, comprehensive employee schedules right from your iPhone, and make updates from anywhere in real time. Notifications improve communication.

Time Kiosk

QuickBooks Time offers a physical time clock. Our tablet-based punch clock uses facial recognition technology to keep track of who is clocking in and out.

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