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Check Services are payment services that allow online and traditional merchants to accept and process checks from consumer and corporate bank accounts safely and securely regardless of whether the business is retail, mail/phone order or internet-based. Having the ability to accept checks is a vital component of the revenue flow for any business considering the fact that 1/3 of non cash payments are made with paper checks. Virtual Check Processing Services including and on-line 24/7 activity reporting.

Benefits of eChecks

  • Limit contact with another digital payment option
  • Reduce processing time and administrative costs
  • Easily manage recurring payments and bill payments
  • Faster processing and deposits than traditional checks

ACH Types:

How it works:

Paper check is received in the mail or at the point-of-sale, Check scanned through a check reader that is connected to a POS terminal or virtual terminal, Consumer checking account electronically debited and merchant funded, Done!


  • Merchant Account Required
  • Merchant Processor: Authorize.Net
  • Note: eCheck.Net is not Stand Alone

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