PaySafe Netbanx Gateway

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Paysafe/Optimal Gateway
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A powerful Internet based software tool that acts like a standard authorization terminal in a secure real-time environment.

PaysSafe Netbanx Gateway (formerly Optimal Gateway) is a complete secure transaction processing system. Credit card transactions are authorized in real-time (immediately upon submitting). 

Key Features

Optimized Checkout Option

Display all the cards you want to accept on the checkout page with optimized retina icons.

Secure Layover Payment Process

Allows you to accept payments directly from within your store while still providing the security of a hosted payment page. Any customer sensitive payment information is directly submitted to Paysafe.

Direct Debit Payments

Accept all payments directly from your customers’ bank accounts. The Paysafe Direct Debit allows you to also accept EFT, ACH, BACS and SEPA transfers.

Supports Automatic Refunds

You can process refunds directly from within the Shopping Cart Orders screen. Has a Quick and easy process to refund an order, without going back to your Paysafe account. Just go to your Shopping Cart Orders screen, click refund enter the amount and possibly a refund reason and click Refund via Paysafe. The refund will be processed and an order note will be left for the records.

Capture Previously Authorized Payments

The Paysafe gateway allows you to settle payments at a later date. If you are a merchant who collects payments and settles and ships the orders at a later date, then the feature will help you collect orders and charge the exact amount at a later date.

Payment Tokenization

Allow customers to tokenize and store their secure payment data on the Paysafe secure servers. Your store only keeps the payment token and uses it for future payments. The payment tokens can be deleted and updated, so the customer will have full control over their tokens.

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