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Virtual Point of Sale (VPOS) is a free, value-added service that empowers you to connect a compatible card reader to your computer, log in, and start accepting payments in person.

Accept payments virtually, anywhere

Any merchant can use this service. Once you install VPOS onto your PC, you'll just need a supported card reader and downloaded software to process credit card payments.

Make your computer a virtual POS

Authorize a credit card transaction in as little as three seconds by using a fully encrypted card reader and a computer.

Add a card reader

Pair your Windows device with our VPOS app and reader to turn your device into a fast and secure virtual point of sale.

Streamline the process

Choose a pre-integrated solution, such as a retail payment terminal or kiosk, using for payments.

  • Retail Internet/MOTO Secure Payment Gateway and Virtual

Setup fee may be waived with Merchant Account signup. Contact us at (800) 477-5363 to find out if you qualify.

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