With every swipe, dip, and tap, Clover makes payments fast and easy!

Posted by Jackie Mena on 27th May 2022

Clover Mini 2 LTE

The latest in-store technology is the mini. The mini is a small, flexible screen terminal that makes payments easy and fast for customers. It uses ultramodern camera and sensor technology to let you check out and pay with a wave, a nod, or a touch. The mini is an intelligent, intuitive device that will change the way you interact with your store, and the way your store interacts with customers.

The Mini is a flexible customer facing screen terminal, making payments easy, and efficient. You can watch your sales, refunds, and items that are top sellers from any computer or mobile device.

Features Only $39.95 per month for your first device and $9.95 per month for each added device, per business location.

Features include:

  • Get Tip Reports history anytime!
  • Online ordering: Take orders and payments online for quick, contactless delivery
  • Inventory Management: Set up items, categories, and modifiers; move or transfer orders; add items to partially paid orders
  • Bundled Apps: Orders, Register, Promos, Rewards, Employees, Reporting, and others
  • Discounts: Apply discounts at the order level
  • Taxes: Set up and automatically apply taxes at the item level
  • Payments: Contactless and traditional payments, paperless receipts, and offline payment mode
  • Reporting: Track sales with item-level reporting
  • Employee Management: Set up employee logins and access permissions
  • Support: 24x7 support
  • Accounting: QuickBooks integration
  • E-Commerce: BigCommerce integration
  • Check Services:Telecheck integration

Other Features include, but are not limited to:

  • Touch screen with Wi-Fi being optional LTE Connectivity
  • Built in camera and barcode scanner
  • Integrated NFC
  • Manage Inventory
  • Built in Printer
  • Swipe, tap or Dip (payment)
  • Run Reports
  • Takes all payments such as Gift cards, Cash, and Checks.

Contactless credit and debit cards from all major card brands

  • Apple Pay®
  • Android Pay®
  • Samsung Pay®


Built for speed with every swipe, dip, and tap — and lets you stay connected even when you do not have Wi-Fi.

All specifications

  • High resolution 7" touch screen
  • Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and LTE connectivity
  • Receipt printer built-in
  • Camera and barcode scanner built-in

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    * Offer valid until 05/31/2022