Paya EFT Check

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Paya EFT Check
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Paya/Sage Payment Solutions EFT allows merchants to accept and process electronic checks from consumer and corporate bank accounts safely and securely. Whether you are a retail, mail/phone order or internet business, Paya/Sage Payment Solutions EFT has an electronic check option for you.

Benefits of accepting checks:

  • Increase sales by expanding payment options to your existing and new customers
  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Easy access to funds in 2-3 business days since checks are automatically deposited into your checking account electronically
  • No trips to bank - so no gas/labor expenses 
  • No checks returned due to NSF if using guarantee
  • Completely eliminate bank NSF fees if using guarantee
  • Check services rates are usually lower than credit card rates
  • Easy reconciliation with access to online reports and statements

How it works:

Paper check is received in the mail or at the point-of-sale, Check scanned through a check reader that is connected to a POS terminal or virtual terminal, Consumer checking account electronically debited and merchant funded, Done!


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